Laura Hall, Host of Acousticity Radio Show on KWCW 90.5 FM Walla Walla WA

Allye's confidence, extensive vocal training, enthusiasm and her big heart shine through in this beautiful cover of "Love Is An Army". Previously I have only heard her in live performances in Walla Walla, Washington with former trio Bluestone. She definitely commands the room, engaging the audience with her exuberant personality, her big dimpled smile and of course that powerful yet sensitive voice. Listening to her sing this particular song, I can imagine her animated gestures as she emotes from her core. She means every word that she sings. As host of Acousticity Radio Show on KWCW 90.5 FM Walla Walla WA, I review many artists' CDs to provide the best quality show to my listeners around the country. I would not hesitate to play this song on my show, and I trust that any future recordings by this artist will be well worth a listen. Check out her sweet cover of Angel here. What a great cause...hope you make the choice to spend less than $2 to help! - Laura Hall, Acousticity Radio Show. Find me on Facebook: Acousticity Radio Show



Tom O’Neil of Thomas O’Neil Cellars in Richland, Washington

"Allye has the voice that other singers aspire to; one that would be right at home anywhere from a Broadway stage to a smoky jazz club. During her stint with a polished jazz-funk-R&B band called Bluestone, she would move effortlessly from sultry to sassy with unmatched range, control, and timbre. Allye’s connection with the audience made her a crowd favorite, and her cross-country move to Ohio left a hole in the Eastern Washington music scene that hasn’t been filled since."



Mike and Lynda Crossley from Tri-Cities, Washington (by way of merry ole England)

"As merely an English guy, with a heavy rock background, one of the best experiences I and the rest of the Crossley family had after arriving in the US North West was to meet and hear Ms. Allye Ratledge. Blues is always in our mind but the rock, blues, jazz fusion this lady brings to her voice and keyboard virtuosity was a true eye and ear opener. And all that is brought together with a wonderful stage presence and a clear connection with her audience. It’s a fact that Allye is sadly missed by fellow west side musicians and friends, from Canada to California. The next step is to hear the undoubtedly fantastic music we can now expect from the other side of this rock. One thing for sure is that when it arrives it will definitely be taken a little further by the Crossley family, to the other side of the pond."


Jessie Rice from McAllister, Montana
"Allye's charisma and charm win over any crowd and her soulful, STRONG voice will have you wanting and demanding MORE. Her songs, whether sultry, sexy, sassy or spunky, will leave you with chills. I will be forever indebted to her as she sang two special songs at my wedding...the over 400 guests in attendance are still raving about her."


Joy Smyrson from Elgin, Texas

"Allye is an Amazing Singer/Performer! I remember hearing her sing for the very first time and listening to the power and strength she carried in her vocals was just so incredible. Her passion for music is immediately felt as she sings and keeps you wanting more. Her performances are powerful and a better word to use would be ‘fierce”. Whether she is singing A Cappella or accompaniment she has that something special that makes her shine like a bright star! She is 100% Amazing!"


Ronna Currier from Chelan, Washington

"What can I say about Allye? Her smooth , buttery voice and her sexy moves flowed over the audience like stardust. I watched the moods change, the dancing became slower, light kisses became frequent and I fell in love.....sweet music like Allye's can indeed change a night and maybe a lifetime....."


Jody Willingham from Austin, Texas

"Allye absolutely throws herself into her performances! Her voice soars and her energy is contagious drawing the crowd into the music. She literally takes on whatever genre of music be it blues, soul or rock and crafts her vocal delivery accordingly. Delicate and wandering to full on powerhouse when she's belting out classic Motown. Love, love, love Allye Ratledge!"


Lisa Lang from Tri Cities, Washington

"The day Allye Ratledge left the State of Washington was a very sad day for me. Having seen her many times with her band Bluestone, she quickly became one of my favorite singers to hear and see. Not only does she have strong vocals that range from sultry to jazzy to bluesy; she also plays the keyboard like nobody's business! If you ever get a chance to hear Allye, be it live or on a recording, don't pass up that opportunity!"


Lee Ford from Kennewick, Washington

"So you think you've heard good female singers? If you haven't heard Allye Ratledge, then you're missing out! I first heard Allye in a small wine bar in Washington state 2 years ago. She was "sitting in" with a pretty good piano/sax duo. Her intonation was flawless, her interpretation of material was exciting, and she brought the room alive with her singing. She went on to help build that group into the area's hottest and most prolific trio, until she moved to Ohio. Allye's got some of the best vocal chops you'll ever hear, and her stage presence commands the room. Do yourself a favor and check her out."


Bob Park at

"Allye is a rare talent with great vocal range and a loving interaction with the audience. I always look forward to seeing her again!"



Randa Nowotny from Austin, Texas

"Allye Ratledge is a singing phenom! She has a fantastic voice and can take a song and make it her own. She has all the tools to be a great singer and uses them well. Great range, voice control, good diction, ablility to harmonize and enthusiasm! Listening to her sing lifts me up!"


Debbie Savino from Kennewick, Washington

"Allye Ratledge has a voice with so much passion and genuine expression of soul.....she has a gift for sending a beautiful song as an arrow to your heart...what a gifted musician.....and a beautiful soul......we so miss her!!!!!"

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