New Cover Song Video! 


I relate to this song so much. Written for the musical Waitress by the incredible Sara Bareilles, I hope you in enjoy "She Used To Be Mine." 




Fun Times at America's Got Talent! 


Many months ago, I auditioned via online and signed up for the AGT Louisville open call auditions. Fast forward to early November, I got a cool call from America's Got Talent. When they called, they asked for me to come up and hang out with them for some reality filming and get a front of the line pass for the audition. I immediately asked if this was prank or if the guy was a serial killer. Turns out, it was legit. So, early this morning I made the drive up to Louisville. (I have to say, I always love driving through Kentucky. What a GORGEOUS state.) Anyways, made some pals along the way and felt super great about my audition effort. Now it's the waiting game. We'll find out in the first quarter of next year IF I get invited to Cali. Either way, as with every audition, it's an eye opening experience and I learn something from it every time. Shout out to my dear friends, 3R1rocks who I know knocked their audition out of the park and my new pals Jade and Jacob who were a treat to meet! Needless to say, it was fun and I was super grateful for the opportunity. Thanks America's Got Talent! 









Check out my newest cover video, "Landslide." 





New blog post!  My recap from Dream Night Talent Search in Ashland, KY


If there is one thing I’d want for anyone to remember from this recap, it’s that the journey is always worth it. In the end, the lessons from our journey are all we have.  Without failure, there is no growth. This past weekend, I participated in an event called Dream Night Talent Search. It was held in the small, but mighty, town of Ashland, KY. What an absolutely gorgeous area! The theater was incredible - Paramount Arts Center.  WOW. The acoustics were pretty stellar and just the ornate vibe of the decor was inspiring. THANK YOU P.A.C for having us and allowing us to perform for on your delicious stage. 

The sound crew. 

I’m a bit high maintenance and demand quite a bit most of the time.  I can’t help it. It’s just who I am. The sound crew was absolutely top notch. They quickly and efficiently brought on and broke down my keyboard .....






Dream Night Talent Search - Round 1 auditions are in the bag. "In My Daughter's Eyes" written by James T. Slater.  Made it to the next round! 




New Single Dropped! 


I am so proud to present this cover single to you. I have performed this song all across the beautiful nation and I am so excited to have finally recorded it for all of you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do performing it!  Written by the incomparable Sara Bareilles, it is one of my most favorite song of hers.  Go download "Gravity" today where ever you download music!  iTunes! Apple Music! Spotify! Amazon! Shazam! You name it. It's there.  Enjoy! 



**please note, for whatever reason, my distributor marked this recording explicit.  I can assure you I am as pure as the driven snow.... ok, well, maybe not. But this is friendly for all audiences. I am working with them now to remedy this issue.  





New Interview!

Recently, I did this fun interview for an opportunity.  Check it out! 











It's here!  After I did Dream Night Talent Search, I was approached by many of you asking for recording of the songs I sang. Don't ask me how I did it, but I was able to get a group of tunes recorded before the madness of moving was upon me. (Have I mentioned I am never moving again?)  I'm excited to release "Rainbow" as the first of many into the world.  Singing other people's songs is very much like taking care of other people's children. It's a huge responsibility that I take very seriously.  I promise to Ms. Musgraves, Ms. Hemby and Mr. McAnally that I cuddled, nurtured and loved this song during this entire process as much as possible. Thank you for creating such a gorgeous song.  This recording is dedicated to three of my dear pals and forever neighbors, Cheryl Tramp and Randa and Doug Nowotny.  Life became so much sweeter when I moved next to you all all those years ago in Pflugerville, Texas.  Thanks for being my Texas family.  I love you all.




A couple of thank yous:  Thank you to Stacy Preston Photography for the beautiful pictures.  Thanks to the Moore County countryside for being the most absolute beautiful setting for a southern sunset. Thanks to Blonde on Broad in Rome, GA for keeping this girl nuclear and thanks to Red Bird Salon for carrying the nuclear torch. Thanks also to Pulp Riot hair for having the best fashion color hairline in the world. 




This song is available on all digital outlets.  So head on over to the one you prefer and give it a whirl. Share with your people, share with your pets, share with your world. Rainbow is for everyone. Let me know what you think! I'll be right here when you get back!  :-) 










This just in!  I've been accepted to participate in Dream Night Talent Search in Ashland, KY in November!  I'm looking forward to meeting a whole new group of folks and soaking up all the mentoring opportunities this engagement offers. I met an incredible group of folks last time and I know this time will be no different.  You too can enroll! Do so by October 1st on









Photo shoot time!  Had the most amazing time with Stacy Preston Protography creating some incredible images for my upcoming music releases.  If you need someone to help you with your headshots or photos, hit her up.  She's a rockstar! 


Thanks to Moore County, TN  and a smidgen bit of Lincoln County, TN for the gorgeous backdrop!





Did you hear my interview on WLAQ 1410? Jamison Hood came with me and we talked about all things Dream Night Talent SearchClick here to watch!  


Click here for information on the PCG Universal Boot Camp mentioned in the interview.






Headshot photography provided by Stacy Preston. 

Nuclear Pink hair provided by Blonde on Broad in Rome, GA and Red Bird Salon in Clarksville, TN.     These salons are two of the coolest and talented group of hair artists.  GO check them out and get your color on! They are the artists, Pulp Riot is the paint. 



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