Allye Ratledge

My Allye Experience: A True Story


I had the fortune of meeting Allye Ratledge thanks to a friend's connection.  The story I heard was:  there's a new singer in town, looking around and checking out the scene.  Now, this is not an unusual thing.   Musicians with a gig are often are approached by seekers and desperadoes who want in on it.

The Tullahoma News-- Allye Ratledge is a on a Musical Journey


A love of music has led Tullahoma native Allye Ratledge many places, playing with different musicians and enjoying numerous experiences.

Her musical journey began as a teen playing piano with the Tullahoma High School AristoCats. Ratledge said she was one of the last pianists to perform with the group.


 Tullahoma native Allye Ratledge has enjoyed a musical career that has spanned 20 years. Now a mother of two, she is embarking on a new journey that includes balancing the roles of mom, wife and musician.  -Photo Provided



Review from Acousticity Radio Show on KWCW 90.5 FM Walla Walla, WA


Laura Hall, Host of Acousticity Radio Show on KWCW 90.5 FM Walla Walla WA

Allye's confidence, extensive vocal training, enthusiasm and her big heart shine through in this beautiful cover of "Love Is An Army". Previously I have only heard her in live performances in Walla Walla, Washington with former trio Bluestone. She definitely commands the room, engaging the audience with her exuberant personality, her big dimpled smile and of course that powerful yet sensitive voice.

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