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Here are some things I do in my spare time:


I had a bit part in my BFF's movie "Forward/Backward."  By bit part, I mean I was on the screen for about two seconds (literally). I was so proud to be a part of this project!


I even scored an IMDB page from this movie! WOOT! -->  SEE????


My BFF and I wrote this handy little guest post on my buddy Justin's travel blog. Click here to check it out!


I also like to take pictures of these two little ladies I know.. Here is Maddy....



and here is Maggie....


While my girls are a little older these days (2 1/2 and 4 years old), I still remember them as little babes. Tonight we sang Danny Boy over and over again before bed time.  Maddy kept saying "again Mommy again!! I want to sing it too!" So we sang it again and again.  I got a recording below.  You can hear Maggie laugh ... over and over again... HAHAHA! Adorable.