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Check out one of the best mastering dudes on the planet!  Michael Putrino!  Click here! ..... he also plays a mean String Bass... Check out his band, The Violet Crown Motel!


Need a studio to record in?  Need some help finishing that song you've been working on?  Need some awesome mix/mastering services?  This is a one stop shop-- Contact my mentor and friend John Farey at Bluestone Recording at 509-396-7653. Here's the low-down on what they offer--> Click Here! To visit their website directly click here:


The Fire Department is one of my favorite bands.... Click here!


Check out the Third Street Music Shop and all they have to offer!  Click Here!


My colleague and pal, Chris Garten, teaches guitar.  If you would like lessons please contact him at:  (740) 304-9570


To check out the website dedicated to the fundraiser for Rex the Dog click here!!!    Here's a link to a news clip that Channel 4 news in Nashville did on Andrew and Rex -----> Click Here!


Check out my buddy Marie's cooking Blog.  Seriously good stuff there ya'll!  Click here!


My pal Alicia is a fantastic photographer in Nashville, TN.  Check her out here:


My buddy Ming Gong took the gorgeous pictures for my singles "Angel" and "Love Is an Army."  He's like the superman of all photography.  He lives in Austin, Texas and you should check his website out:


Kim Fetrow took the picture in the banner of my website and many of the pictures in the Bluestone photo gallery.  She's in Richland, Washington.  She is an amazing photographer who has SUCH a talent for shooting live music.  She also took newborn pictures of my first born and my maternity photos-- something I will treasure forever!.  To check her out, click here!

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