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Bluestone Recording Information

Bluestone Recording – Seeking Clients and Collaborators     [INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE]


Bluestone is one the newest recording, sound stage and rehearsal space venues in the North Bay.  We recently opened shop and are currently taking on projects, partners and clients

We offer recording, mixing and mastering services of course.  Bluestone has a full range of industry standard platforms, microphones, processing, and control surfaces in a large comfortable space close to downtown Petaluma.  

Bluestone is different because of the talented people that work here and the unique vision that we are expressing.   We are building a support infrastructure to promote artist development, collaborative process and musical expression.

If you dream about taking your music to the next level, you need to come see us.

If you wonder what it takes to be a studio musician, a recording artist, a Pro Tools engineer, a professional background singer, a stronger song writer, or a live sound reinforcement engineer, come see Bluestone.

If you’re a local group (established or not) that needs rehearsal space, recording support for demos, downloads and CD mastering, talk to Bluestone.  

If you need help with musical arrangements, finding musicians, translating your music from the stage to the studio, instrumental or vocal instruction, or an introduction to music production, Bluestone can assist.

We are building a business fueled by creativity, love of collaboration and respect for the artist.   If you have web marketing skills, if you are a music teacher needing space, or if you simply possess a burning desire to express your music, do come on down.  

Bluestone will offer internship positions to several talented and dedicated candidates who wish to develop hands-on production skills in a live environment.

For the geeks and hardware freaks:

Pro Tools 10
Mac Pro 2x2.26 GHz, OSX 10.8.3
Focusrite Saffire 56 audio interface
M Audio Profire 2626 interface
Misc and numerous mic preamps and DIs.
Avid C24 control surface
Microphones:  Neuman U87 and KMS 105s, AKG 414s, EV RE20, vintage RCA ribbons, dozens of AKG/AT/Shure/Octava small and large diaphragm condensers and dynamic mics.
Native Instruments plug-ins
Extensive plug in libraries
Vintage outboard reverbs and processing
7’ Baldwin grand
Numerous keyboards, amps, modules, house drums
Videos of my cats

John Farey / Bluestone Recording
Petaluma, CA

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