Allye Ratledge

Allye Ratledge Trio

We were an acoustic trio bringing our own flare on fun arrangements of familiar and popular tunes spanning across the pop, blues, folk and country genres. Have a listen to our demo! Here's another demo we did during a practice session.  All the songs on this one had not been practiced before. I love it.


Mark Hendershot

Guitar, Vocals 

Mark Hendershot is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter from Marietta, Ohio, with a background in bluegrass, folk, rock, and old time gospel. After spending many years as a musician in a variety of fields, Mark found a home in producing acoustic guitar performances that captivate the audience and represent the ultimate in tonality.  As a young guitarist he experimented with styles that range from classical to metal to gain full understanding of the instrument.  This also allowed him to use its dynamics and melodic ability to make the audience feel the music they hear.  Music to Mark has always been more than a hobby or form of art. It is the primary way to communicate all feeling. Mark is fairly new to the scene with his recent solo work as well as performing with the Allye Ratledge Trio, but is no beginner to the field of music.  Mark started playing the guitar as a very young child and has never put it down since. He has mastered one style at a time until finally settling in on what he's doing now and deciding to let all his hard work pay off.


Scott Kitchen

Percussion, Guitar and Vocals

Scott joined his first working band at age 15 and has been hooked ever since. From the variety of the “Mel Tones” to the intimacy of a jazz trio, Scott has logged many gigs behind his kit. Taking his love of music to college, he graduated with a music teaching degree and began teaching mostly band. A quick break from teaching in 2004 took him all over the Mediterranean on a four-month tour with Royal Caribbean. After that, he came home renewed to teach and began his second stint as a classroom teacher. He continues to play R & B in “Hip Pocket”, Jazz with several Trios, and recently started his own ballroom dance band for the local dance clubs. He is a regular with the River City Symphony Orchestra and is called upon, on a nearly weekly basis, to add his own touch to just about every kind of ensemble in the Mid Ohio Valley. He has a successful percussion studio and has guided many students down the path of performing and teaching. In early 2001, he coached his second national winner in the annual MTNA competition, and has had some of the finest young marimba players in the country studying with him. His best musical experience now,  well…. that is watching both his daughters excel at the same art with the youngest choosing to play in the same section.