Allye Ratledge

In memory of Mike Putrino.




The world lost an incredible musical force and one of the greatest pals I have ever known in December 2015. Michael Putrino was not just another member in my band, The Pacers. He was the heart and soul of that group. With just one look, Mike and I could totally change up a song and take it to another level during a live performance.  With that one look we could drive the whole show without ever saying a word.  He was our leader and our dearest friend. On my last gig at Junior's in P-ville before I moved to Washington state, I remember saying to Mike, "I'm so nervous.. do you still get nervous?"  He said to me, "A little. I hope it never goes away because if it does, I'll know I need to hang up my bass." 


We used to rehearse in my garage on Thursday nights providing musical entertainment  (or annoyance??) to the whole neighborhood until 10 pm… sometimes 10:30 pm…. Sometimes later until my neighbor would call and say that her kids were going to bed.  HA!  Thursday nights after rehearsal we’d have some good whiskey, cigars and trade all kinds of stories. Thursday night was a night with my guys and Jbird. Prior to finding out we were headed to Washington state in 2010 and moving away from my beloved Austin, Mike Putrino, Brian Dreyer and I had formed Allye and the Bourbon Brothers (Not the official name, but a pet name for our little group). A little acoustic trio with Mike's kick ass stand up bass and Brian’s sweet guitar. We performed out once for a Christmas gig (and it kicked ass, of course. Seriously, we were awesome).  But this group was mainly for the three of us just to have.  Just for us. To get together for our famous Thursday night practices and enjoy music the way we want to and enjoy each other’s company.  We recorded a handful of songs as we were working on our playlist to play out. One of them was the classic “Summertime" and another was "Wade in the Water."  Mike, Brian, and myself recorded these songs in one take for fun.  I am so grateful to have these recordings that showcase his famous bass stylings.  


We will all miss you and will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers. We love you and we thank you, Mike.