Allye Ratledge

Wow you guys! I was named one of the winners of the Dream Night Talent Search! So humbled and grateful! Congrats to Jamison Hood and the grand prize winner, Kenna Denease!  Special thanks to our mentors, Mr. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Mr. Bernard Porter of PCG Universal and PCG Theatrical, Mr. Dale Roberts (Guitarist extraordinaire and Mr. Murphy's guitarist of over 10 years!) and Ms. Wendy Kay at Utopia Artists, WENDEE - Music Artist DevelopmentMars Talent Agency and our fearless leader of the Dream Night Talent Search. 


You, too, can participate! The next Dream Night Talent Search is in Kentucky.  Click here to check out the details!



Did you know you can find me on iTunes and Amazon and just about any other digital market where MP3s are sold? 



    Excited to be participating in Dream Night Talent Search in June!  If you feel so inclined, click here and go toss me some stars and leave comments on my performances!  Tickets are on sale now!  Go here to snag yours and watch a wonderful show! 




Special thanks to our sponsors of the Georgia Dream Night Talent Search! 




Like all you G.o.T fans, I'm anxious and excited all at the same time! Because of this, I made this video for all of you who have made it through the second to last episode, "The Bells."   If you are not caught up, don't watch!  Spoilers included - you have been warned! 




I recently had the honor to sing the National Anthem for The Rome Braves.  



Thanks to Gig Pump Magazine for this awesome video of our cover of Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire." 

 Here is our cover of Tori Kelly's "I Was Made For Loving You." 






Headshot provided by Cindy Harter Photography:

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